Drew G. Miller

Candidate for Commonwealth Court Judge

Simply put, the Commonwealth Court could be the first – and last – defense against government overreach and injustices.
— Drew G. Miller

A focus on the constitution, not politics  

On November 7, don't vote for a
Republican judge or a Democratic judge.  
Vote for Drew G. Miller - an unbiased alternative option for Pennsylvania voters. 

Hi, I'm Drew Miller.  Thank you for visiting to learn more about me, the Commonwealth Court and this extremely important election.  

I possess a passion for educating people about the Constitution, in particular, the checks and balances of the government and the idea that the ultimate power rests in the hands of the citizens.  In fact, I've conducted seminars and round table discussions educating people on the branches of government and emphasizing the importance of advocacy at the federal, state and local levels.  

My favorite branch of government is the Judicial Branch (the courts) because they serve to interpret laws and render justice.  I have a great respect for judges.  Unlike other politicians, effective judges must put their personal preferences and opinions aside when deciding cases.  In all instances involving the law, their rulings must be based on the Constitution.  As we've seen throughout the years, partisan politics can slowly erode our liberties with the creation of laws, regulations, taxes and fines that discriminate against us or cause our harmless actions to be illegal.  Luckily, Pennsylvania established a court where citizens can sue the government:  the Commonwealth Court.  

The Commonwealth Court is perhaps the most interesting court no one knows about.  It can act as a trial or an appellate court for matters affecting state and local government.  Every PA law that impacts your civil liberties or economic freedoms, on issues such as marijuana, gender equality, guns, education, healthcare and the environment (just to name a few), would likely begin or end with the Commonwealth Court, if challenged.  Simply put, the Commonwealth Court could be the first -- and last -- defense against government overreach.  Therefore, the best way to safeguard against government injustices is to ensure the judiciary is composed of qualified individuals who cannot be labeled "conservative" or "liberal".  As such, it is important to elect an unbiased candidate to fill this 10-year term.  I am the candidate promising to recreate a Constitution-centered judiciary and maintain the integrity of the system.

When I worked as Legal Counsel for the Majority Whip of the Pennsylvania Senate, I learned to navigate the government to effectively resolve over 3,000 constituent issues in three years.  It was a great honor to use my vast knowledge of the government to help my fellow citizens.  In the same way, I look forward to continue helping Pennsylvanians as a Commonwealth Court Judge.

We now have an amazing opportunity to elect a judge who will protect the rights and liberties of everyone.  I have chosen to run for a seat on the Commonwealth Court because I have an extensive background in Pennsylvania State Government and I will be the unbiased judge who is independent from Republican or Democratic political philosophies, working to protect you from government inequities.  

Please check out my "about" section to learn more about me, and go to the "take action" section to help me gain access to November ballot.  Thank you for your interest and support!

In Liberty, 

      Drew G. Miller

      Drew G. Miller


Click Here for a technical flowchart of how the PA Courts operate (from the AOPC),
or to learn more about the Commonwealth Court, see http://www.pacourts.us/learn 

To learn more about the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, please visit their website https://www.lppa.org/